These models were designed to portray a faithful scale reproduction of the existing vessels and involved extensive research and design, working with some of the actual 3D engineering files as well as detailed measurements and photographs from the real submersibles. One such research trip included a visit to Mr Cameron’s Ranch in California, where the Deepsea Challenger was kept at the time.Detail photographs and measurements that had been unavailable were taken for the final versions. The original 1:20 models was fabricated with cnc routers and 3D printers and finished by hand. Another exhibition came five years later and reproductions to 1:40 scale were requested. To finalize teh project, a 1:20 scale model of each where requested for a new shop in California. These were assembled with various materials and many components where printed in 3-D.


    Design of a scale model of the Deepsea Challender for Rolex.


    Design of a scale model of the Trieste Bathyscaphe for Rolex.